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TAINTSTOP is the only hassle-free, nutritional alternative to piglet castration that is 100% compliant with the new upcoming European law. It is your answer to a welfare and environmentally friendly solution that does not need much labour, time or financial investment. Stop worrying about your business, try TAINTSTOP. Bet you will love it.

What is Taintstop

TAINTSTOP is the perfect nutritional alternative to piglet castration that significantly decreases the offensive odour-causing compounds in pig meat.

This award winning in-feed solution not only reduces boar taint, it is also a risk-free alternative for the farmer and is perfectly acceptable to consumers who want healthy, tasty pork. Furthermore, it guarantees animal welfare as surgical, and often painful, castration is no longer needed. And that is good news, because you can be 100% in compliance with the new upcoming European legislation.

Thanks to this innovative and cost-effective feeding solution, pig producers can increase their profitability while pigs will be able to ‘hang loose’ again ... Everybody loves TAINTSTOP. How about you?



No need to worry anymore. You've got TAINTSTOP.

TAINTSTOP is 100% compliant with European Standards that say surgical castration of pigs, both with and without analgesic and/or anaesthesia must be abandoned.

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TAINTSTOP contains a specific combination of nutrients, including linseed and chicory, rich in inulin that has a positive impact on the bacterial flora of the large intestine. It is the most effective nutritional strategy to decrease skatole and androstenone levels. And this already after just 2 weeks.

Werner Reuter
Director of Nutritional Solutions

Why you'll love TAINTSTOP

Think about the major drawbacks of surgical castration and immunocastration that reduce boar taint. Or the significant animal welfare concerns and changing customer’ expectations. Then you can immediately appreciate why it is so easy to love TAINTSTOP. Your pigs will be allowed to 'hang loose' again, and you get balls with benefits in return!

Balls with benefits

Up to 5 times less
boar taint component

TAINTSTOP has been extensively assessed and its efficacy has been confirmed in multiple field trials: skatole levels decreased by 2.5 to 5 times. Skatole is the boar taint component that causes the boar taint and it’s the one you have to look out for; higher levels of androstenone do not reduce consumer acceptance, while higher skatole levels do. TAINTSTOP is your future-proof guarantee for quality taint-free pork meat.

Effective after
2 weeks of treatment

TAINTSTOP is a very easy-to-use in-feed solution that corresponds with environmental and social concerns. Only 2 weeks of treatment before slaughter with TAINTSTOP is sufficient for a maximum effect. In addition to that, it also helps reduce nitrogen emissions.

Up to €6,50
extra profit

Did you know that fully functioning male pigs (boars) are more cost-effective when they feed than castrated males (barrows)? Both surgical castration and immunocastration require time and manpower to implement. By using TAINTSTOP, you are able to reduce labour and other costs associated with castration (such as antibiotics) and increase your profit margins.

100% compliant with
European standard declaration

Along with changing social values, a significant animal welfare concern has grown over the years. Consumers want healthy pork meat from pigs that have been reared using less painful and invasive practices. The new European Standard on the prohibition of surgical castration without anaesthesia will come into force on the European market. Because of its non-invasive nature, TAINTSTOP is 100% compliant with these new European Standards.

For animal welfare

TAINTSTOP is a pain-free, stress-free and environmentally-friendly solution. It promotes digestibility in the large intestine and also leads to calmer animals. As a result, physical or chemical castration of male piglets is no longer needed.

TAINTSTOP provides an animal welfare and environmental-friendly approach to boar taint with a positive impact on pig health, at affordable cost

TAINTSTOP lets you avoid the castration of piglets, a painful and traumatic intervention for the animal. It also saves the pig farmers labour and valuable time.

Guy Janssens
Director of the Feed Additives & Specialties Division

Now you know why you (and your pigs) will love TAINTSTOP.

Now you know why you (and your pigs) will love TAINTSTOP.

I love taintstop...

Animal welfare friendly (pain free, stress free)
No need for anaesthesia/analgesic
No need for antibiotics
100% compliant to EU standards and consumer needs
Low labour cost
Low time investment
Low risk for operator
Easy to use
Contributes to healthy digestion
Environmentally friendly (reduced nitrogen and phosphorus output)
Improved feed conversion rate
Reduction of boar taint

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